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New Milton Jazz Jam Workshop

Music has a long history in New Milton including chart topping singers and guitarists. We need to make the most of the range of local talent and in January we held our first meetup of the new and exciting club ; the New Milton Jazz workshop.

Our next meeting is:


at the

New Milton Memorial Hall

There will not be a jazz club event this month or for the foreseeable future. Attendance is low and to make it a viable event I need to have about ten people each month and of course a reasonable selection of those need to be able to provide the rhythm. I also need to pay for the hall! So for the moment I am going to draw the event to a close but may reconsider starting it again in September. I think I need to advertise more widely and that takes a bit of time to organise. It is a shame as I am still sure there are musicians out there who would enjoy this event.

I wish you all well and let’s see what the future brings.

Happy playing!

Please return to the web site fro mtiem to time for updates

This is open to all musicians, young, old, beginners and seasoned and aims to encourage better playing, improvisation and who knows, a few bookings too! We would like to get musicians across the spectrum with different instruments, vocals and the emphasis will be on having fun, socialising and learning and of course playing. We allways need good rhythm players.

Subs. each month are just £4 and If you would like to come along contact Richard

Mobile: 07917 468953

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